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In-person registration will open on Wednesday, May 22, from 7 pm - 9 pm at Custom Art Framing 45 Central Street Norwood, MA 02062

Registration Information and Process:
Individual studio, shared studio, or private shared site artists may register beginning on May 22nd in-person or by mail. Form included at the end of this email.
Group Site: In-person group site registration process: (PLEASE NOTE: There is no reason to arrive early!)
In person group site registration is no longer a first come, first served process. From 7 pm - 7:30 pm, Wednesday, May 22nd, all artists who are in attendance will pull a random number out of a hat. This will determine your place in line for choosing your showing location. Artists arriving after 7:30 pm will also pull random numbers, but will select a site location in a second round of registration following completion of round 1 artists.  Again, there is no benefit in arriving before 6:45 pm as random numbers will be pulled beginning at 7 pm! Early arrival will in no way affect your order of group site selection. Site selection will take place by random numbers pulled from a hat.
When registering for a group site, please be prepared to select your ideal location and provide your registration payment (payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card).
If you are unable to attend in-person, you may send a proxy to select your space or you may mail your registration to Norwood Open Studios 45 Central Street Norwood, MA 02062. ALL registrations that are mailed in will be recorded after the May 22nd in-person site selection is completed.
In person registrants can register themselves and one other artist only. Proxy's will be required to pull a second number to represent absentee artist. Proxy can only select one location per number drawn. They will need to get back in line according to the random number selection to complete the second registration.
Options for Showing Art During NOS:
Individual Studio, Shared Studios, Private Shared Site and Local Businesses
Artist showing in private spaces are required to register.
If the business location you are showing at is also a NOS sponsor, you still need to register. Sponsorship does not cover an artist's registration. If you do not register you will not be listed on the map or booklet.
Please contact us if you are looking to either open up your space to a fellow artist or are an artist looking for available space. While we can not guarantee placement in a private studio space, we are happy to help connect you with any spaces that we may know about.

NOS Group Site 2020 available locations are:
TBA - inside and outside
TBA- outside
TBA - outside
TBA - outside

Artist Registration Fees:
LOCAL ARTIST DISCOUNTS: Artists who live, work and/or are connected to Norwood receive a discounted rate. We reserve the right to deny any application.
Individual Studio/Business Artist - $110 ($90.00 Norwood resident)
NOS Group Site Artist - $200 ($150.00 Norwood resident)
Late Fee - $35.00 *(registering after 6/25/19 will not be included in 2020 NOS map)

What's included with my NOS registration:
NOS print advertising, promotion and press.
NOS Business sponsors helping to ensure the event's success!
Use of NOS signage and vinyl banners; to be displayed before and during the event to help draw patrons to your site/studio.
Personal gallery page on the NOS website.
Access to shared group sites.
Workshops, advice and marketing materials all designed to help you have a successful event!
Artist listing and your show location highlighted on the NOS event map. 1,000 copies of the event map are distributed in and around Norwood neighborhoods, and businesses. The event map is also posted on the web site as well as distributed to the public throughout the event weekend. (Note: To be listed in the NOS map booklet, artists must complete the registration process by midnight June 16, 2019)
Team of volunteers working to raise funds, organize sites, and plan promotion to ensure a successful event for everyone!

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